Kurt Donald Cobain: Childhood, Nirvana and Death

Kurt Donald Cobain

During the late eighties, the anti-establishment culture was getting popular. The Generation of people known as Generation X were raising their voices against the problems and establishing an alternative culture. All the forms of art expressed this culture in their way. The music scene of Seattle made this clear when a new genre of music known as Grunge was created. The Godfather of this genre was Kurt Donald Cobain.

Kurt Donald Cobain


Kurt Donald Cobain was the son of Wendy Elizabeth and Donald Leland Cobain and was born in Aberdeen Washington. Hailing from a musical background with his Grandmother, Uncle and Aunt being musicians themselves, Kurt’s love for music was pure. He started creating music at a small age. When Kurt was 9 his mom and dad got divorced. This was the beginning of the worst childhood anyone could have. His mom and dad got married to other people. Nobody wanted to keep him with them. He abandoned by his family. His uncle bought him a used guitar at an age of 14. This guitar changed his life forever.

Nirvana and Death

Kurt formed the band Nirvana with bassist friend Krist Novoselic and Drummer Aaron Burckhard. The lyrics of Nirvana included mainly the harsh experiences of Homelessness, loneliness and the other problems faced by generation x. With three all-time great albums namely Bleach, Nevermind and In Utero, 4 complication albums and 5 live albums Nirvana became mainstream which was an alternative at a point. The surge in popularity of Nirvana was unimaginable. Kurt Married Courteney Love, the frontwoman of the band Hole. They gave birth to their only child Frances Bean Cobain.

During the later part of his life, Kurt got into heroin addiction and suffered from a chronic condition of depression. At the age of 27, he found shot dead at the outhouse in Washington leaving behind a suicide note. His death at an early age caused fans all around the world to mourn. He gave a tribute by other musicians. In 2014, Nirvana headlined the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with other members Novoselic and Drummer Dave Grohl. The songs of Nirvana have kept on inspiring people through the generations and have helped other grunge bands like Alice in Chains to come out from Seattle. Kurt has maybe gone too soon, but he still lives today when the entry banner at Aberdeen says Come as you are.

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