Khaled Hosseini – the man behind the magic

Khaled Hosseini – the man behind the magic

There are barely a few people who do not know about the present scenario regarding Afghanistan where the extremists group Taliban has recaptured. But way before the capture, some books spoke of Taliban oppression. The regressive norms, the kind of abrupt cultural transition the entire nation had gone through after the Taliban capturing the provinces and many more were introduced to the world by a writer named Khaled Hosseini. He hails from Kabul, Afghanistan, his motherland but he could not stay there for a long time due to the futile future of the war-torn nation.

He had applied for asylum in the United States at the age of 15 and got his citizenship naturalized after a time being. He moved on to the United States and learned medicine. He was a physician in California and practised medicine. He visited his motherland once when he was 38. He had a pang of guilt within himself for fleeing his own country at a time when the countrymen were in the perils of the Taliban.

He published his first novel ‘The Kite Runner’ in 2003, which was an all-time popular novel by him. One of the most unique specialities of his novels is that his novels are set in the backdrop of Afghanistan and revolves around the life of an Afghan protagonist. He retired from his practice of medicine to continue his journey in full-time writing. His book, ‘The Kite Runner’ was a massive commercial success that earned him global popularity. His next book ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’, topped The New York Times Best Seller List and has stayed in the weekly chart for more than 103 weeks.

He has received multiple awards and recognitions. He has been regularly in touch with the refugees of Afghanistan and has established the Khaled Hosseini foundation with UNHCR to extend support to the families of the refugees who wish to return to Afghanistan. His books \speak the voice of the oppressed!

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