Khabane -Not-So-Lame!

Khabane -Not-So-Lame!

We all are quite familiar with the term “TikTok” which had once become a dose of entertainment for us individuals. Now talking about TikTok brings back the fond memories of many stars. Khabane Lame has to be one of those. Better known as Khaby Lame rose to stardom with his entertaining videos where he ridiculed people who seemed to unreasonably complicate tasks. He is a Senegalese born tik-toker currently based in Italy.

Khaby Lame came to be known for his short comedy skits where he without uttering a word sarcastically ridiculed people who were seen complicating simple tasks. Lame is just the exact opposite of his surname and is the second most followed Tik-Toker of his times. He’s also been successful in creating a space on Instagram and is known to have the sixteenth most-liked Instagram photo. Apart from this Lame is a football enthusiast and is an ardent fan of Juventus. He was also seen appearing as a co-star for the Club’s announcement of a new player, Manual Locatelli. Lame started posting videos in TikTok during March 2020 with Covid 19 situation going around, from then there has been no stopping. He has currently over one hundred and eleven million followers in Tiktok and has beaten Chiara Ferganni with 34.8 million followers on Instagram. He tops the list of most-followed accounts of Italy. 2020 had a great set of moments for him. He modelled for DLUIRepubblica. He overtook Gianluca Varchi as the most followed TikTok account.

Khaby Lame with his wordless entertaining skits has won millions of hearts, and has set a perfect example of the power of silence is more than that of speech. To entertain people is one of the toughest tasks that one has to do, and Lame seems to have mastered this. Today he is one of the most celebrated stars for the youth.

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