Jyothi Reddy – From Daily Wage Laborer to Becoming CEO of the Keys Software Solutions

Jyothi Reddy

Painful Early Life:

D. Anila Jyothi Reddy, the eldest child of four children, was born in Narasimhula Guidem in Hanumakonda Mandal to an ordinary poor peasant who lost his job in an emergency. When poverty reached its extreme, she was in school, and she had to live an introverted life in a government orphanage BALASADAN. After completing her 10th class, she finally stopped her studies completely. But She was passionate about education.

Her Hardship and struggle:

Her family’s financial situation forced her to marry at sixteen. She had two girls by the time she was 18. Jyothi began working as an agricultural laborer at 5 Rupees per day to meet her family’s basic needs. She continued working in this capacity from 1986 to 1989. Jyothi worked in the fields most of her life and was unable to find work during off-seasons.

Her turbulence of life changed when Nehru Yuvak Kendra (NYK) founded a school for night-school students to provide basic education for the villagers. She was the village’s only educated girl, so they hired her to train for Rupees 150 per month.

She realized the importance of education and completed her graduation and post-graduation from Ambedkar Open University. Jyothi became a teacher in government after she completed her B. Ed at Anna University. This was her first stage, which she achieved with slow but steady steps.

Combination of her Dreams and Dedication Built a Competitive Drive:

She met a relative who had settled in the United States while she was working as an inspector of schools. Jyothi was shocked at the completely different lifestyle that they lead after meeting them several times. This was when Jyothi realized her dream of traveling abroad to ensure a bright future for her daughters.

It was not easy to get a US Visa back in those days. Jyothi tried several times but failed. She managed to get a visitor visa and flew with very little. This was not the end of the story. All her relatives refused to give her shelter and turned their backs on her. Finally, she was accepted as a guest of a Gujarati family.

Jyothi was a salesperson at “Movie Time,” a New Jersey video shop. Her perseverance was noticed by an Indian from Warangal, who recommended her to CSAMERICA. She became a recruiter for the company.

It was an upward climb in her career and economic ladder. A reputable company, ICSA offered her a higher salary and a better job. After working for a while, the company demanded that she resign as she did not have a valid visa. She quit ICSA and worked again for $5 an hour in a variety of odd jobs until she was granted her H1 Visa.

Final Take Away:

Every success story begins with a humble beginning that leads to extraordinary life experiences and remarkable people. Jyothi Reddy, CEO of Keys Software Solutions, is one such example. Her life was changed by her honesty and determination to change lives with small efforts and willingness. 


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