Jonatan Christie

Jonatan Christie

Leonardus Jonatan Christie( born 15 September 1997) is an Indonesian badminton player specializing in the mate’s discipline combined with the Tangkas Specs club. He won the men’s mate title at the 2017 Southeast Asian Games and the 2018 Asian Games. Christie was part of Indonesia’s winning platoon at the 2020 Thomas Cup.

Filmography and Personal Life

In 2009, Jonatan made a supporting cast appearance in the badminton-themed film King. The film, directed by Ari Sihasale and devoted to the fabulous Liem Swie King, also featured bijous by numerous notable badminton players similar to King himself, Hariyanto Arbi, Hastomo Arbi, Ellen Angelina, Ivana Lie, Rosiana Tendean, Maria Kristin Yulianti, Fransisca Ratnasari, and in their youth, Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo, Rafiddias Akhdan Nugroho, Casita Joity Jansen, Uswatun Khasanah, and Intan Dwi Jayanti. Christie called to join the Indonesia public platoon center in 2012 when he reached the semi-finals of the 2012 National Crowns in Solo, Central Java. In July 2013, Jonatan won his first transnational elderly title at the age of 15 in the Indonesia International Challenge, after beating the educated Alamsyah Yunus who were 11 times aged than him in the final and by 21 – 17, 21 – 10.


In the first half of the 2022 season, Christie won a title in the Swiss Open and runners-up in the Korea Open and Asian Crowns. After being defeated in the alternate round of the German Open, Christie tested positive COVID- 19. Luckily, he tested negative after performing two tests and was suitable to contend in the coming event in Birmingham. At the All England Open, he stopped in the quarter-tests to Chou Tien-Chen. He also claimed his first World Tour title in two-and-a-half times going back to the 2019 Australian Open, winning the Swiss Open. He also won a tableware order at the Manila Asian Crowns, after in the final he was beaten by Lee Zii Jia in straight games.

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