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John Michael Green (born August 24, in the year 1977) is an American author, YouTube content creator, podcaster, and also philanthropist. His books have further than 50 million duplicates in print worldwide, including The Fault in Our Stars (2012), which is one of the best-dealing books of all time. Green’s rapid-fire-fire rise to fame and idiosyncratic voice are credited with creating a major shift in the immature adult fabrication request. Green also spent six months as a pupil chaplain at a children’s sanitorium. He was deeply affected by the delicate experience, which subsequently partly inspired The Fault in Our Stars.

John Michael

Education and lifestyle:

Green’s father worked as the state director of The Nature Conservancy, and his mama, after being a stay-at-home mama, worked for a nonprofit called the Healthy Community Initiative.  While attending the introductory academy, Green became a good musketeer with Daniel Alarcón, who would go on to become an author as well. Green has characterized his parenting by saying that,” although he’d a happy nonage, he wasn’t always a happy child.


In 2001, Green was hired as an editorial adjunct at the book review journal Booklist, and latterly getting a product editor. While there, he reviewed hundreds of books, particularly erudite fabrication and books about Islam or conjoined halves. He has also critiqued books for The New York Times Book Review and created original radio essays for NPR’s All effects Considered and Chicago’s public radio station WBEZ. He wrote essays for WBEZ after beginning a dispatch correspondence with Amy Krouse Rosenthal, who came a close friend and tutor. Green-met author Ilene Cooper while working at Booklist, whom he credited with breaking down the perceived walls to attempt to write a novel, said,” I saw that real people like Ilene wrote books; they were not written in ivory halls.” Cooper invited Green to lunch to bandy his future.

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