John Lennon: Traces and Growth

The Beatles

A visionary, peace activist, developmental backbone, politically correct mind and many more. If there’s a shortage of words to describe the person then just name him because the name’s enough. He’s none other than John Winston Onno Lennon. The musician, singer, songwriter and guitarist who started his career and got recognition for being a part of the fabulous four, The Beatles. Lennon is undoubtedly regarded as not only a significant musician but an important philosopher whose new methods of viewing society have shaped it up to be the modern-day version. 

John Lennon

Traces and Growth

John Lennon was born on 9th October 1940 to Julia and Alfred Lennon in Liverpool. Lennon’s parents got divorced when he was nine years old and he got confused with whom to live. He finally moved with his mother who introduced him to music. In 1956 she bought him a Gallatone Champion which was an inexpensive guitar available at that time. Their interest in music was born while he got interested in skiffle. 

The Beatles and Death

While he lived with his aunt Mimi, he formed the band Quarrymen named after his Quarry bank high school. He took the role of Rhythm guitarist while Paul McCartney joined forces along with him as a co-songwriter and bassist which became the most iconic duo in history. George Harrison took the lead guitar duties while they settled on Ringo Starr as the drummer. This line-up became the most famous one and was referred to as the Beatles.

The Beatles were the epitome of success at that time. With singles like Hey Jude, I want to hold your hand, Yesterday, Don’t let me down the band has gifted us with amazing hits. Later on, Lennon got separated from the group got divorced from his ex-wife and married Japanese Songwriter Yoko Ono. He released some of his career-best works then like Give peace a chance and Imagine. Lennon got 25 of his songs as the no. 1 on billboard hot 100 charts.

In 1980 Lennon was murdered near Manhattan, New York City due to an assumed political grudge. He posthumously won Grammies and other significant awards. Lennon is often sighted as the best out to be there. He went on but the songs still reside rent-free in our heads. 

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