Jessica Alba – The Top Inspiring Story of 2021

Jessica Alba

Who is Jessica Alba?

Jessica Alba is most well-known as an actress who appeared in the TV series Dark Angel and many Hollywood films, including Sin City, Little Fockers, and mechanic resurrection. Despite her success in acting, she has been in some flops. She was awarded a Razzie award in 2011 for Worst Supporting Actress. She still appears in movies occasionally. She now focuses her efforts and time on her venture, called The Honest Company. This company specializes in organic, non-toxic products.

Jessica Alba was a star in Hollywood, with three of her films released that year. That’s when Cash warren proposed to her. They soon became pregnant with their first child. It was an exciting time, and Jessica was thinking about starting her own business.

Jessica received a baby shower from her friends and family. Her mother suggested that she should wash her baby’s clothes using a detergent designed for infants. Alba broke out from the detergent rash after following her mother’s instructions. It gave Alba flashbacks to her childhood when she had sensitive skin reactions to everything.

She didn’t want her baby to have the same experience, so she got into new mom mode. She began to googling the ingredients of the detergent. 

She began to search for organic, eco-friendly household and baby products. However, she quickly discovered that these products were too expensive and had poor designs. She had a billion-dollar idea and decided to make her own organic products. The results were not satisfactory.

An Idea Was Born:

She was still anxious and frustrated, so she called Christopher Gavin. Gavin was the leader of a non-profit called “Healthy child, healthy world.” She asked him for advice as to what she should purchase. He explained to her that organic and eco-friendly companies specialized in specific product categories, and there wasn’t a one-stop-shop for safe and non-toxic products. After this conversation, the idea for a new company was born.

Christopher and Jessica started to meet for planning sessions. They met to discuss logistics and created a business plan. Jessica quickly had a better idea of the company she wanted.

She had filmed three movies major in 2009. By 2011, she was pregnant with her second baby, and her company hadn’t taken off yet.

Finding the first Investors:

Brian Lee invited Jessica to give another presentation again two years later after their last meeting. She had reworked her business plan and came up with a name—  An honest company.

Brian was on board, and he also bought one more investor named Shawn Kane.

Christopher remained as a partner with the initial investment of 6 million dollars. They initially pitched the company to be a subscription service for natural diapers. In 2013, they raised 27 million dollars in capital. 

The First Taste of Success:

The company had already made 50 million dollars in revenue. Alba and her co-founders had proven that the diaper company would succeed. They raised another 127 million dollars of funding in 2014 to expand into other product categories.

Alba’s celebrity status and 5 million Instagram followers helped to make the company a success. The company was growing rapidly and had 170 million in sales in 2014.

Jessica Alba is on her way to becoming a billionaire:

Another round of funding was raised in 2016 to bring an additional 100 million dollars at a 1.7 billion dollar Valuation. The company’s total revenue in 2016 was 250 million dollars. 2017 was tough for the company, with two settlement lawsuits and several recalls. The company’s value dropped to just under 1 billion dollars. They did manage to secure another 200 million dollars in investment in 2018.

It helped the company expand to Europe. Jessica owns between 15-20% of the company. Forbes reported her net worth as 200 million dollars in 2015. Forbes listed her net worth at 340 million dollars the year after. Her company is growing, and sales are increasing. She also has the potential to go public with an IPO. She is on track to become an entrepreneur billionaire within the next few years.

Jessica Alba stated that 1 billion seems small in comparison to the possibility of what’s possible.

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