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Investors Point of Views About Nowhera Shaik

Heera Groups of Companies:

In 1997-1998, she started a women’s investment group. She would share the profit with the members of the group. After the success of her business module, Nowhera set up a company to expand.

Nowhera called her first firm “Heera Gold,” and it was registered as a Private Limited Company on December 12, 2012. The company’s primary purpose was to empower women and provide financial freedom. Nowhera became the founder and CEO of Heera Groups of Companies.

The Heera Gold scheme offers investors 36% to 42% returns. More than 1.72 Lakhs investors have flocked to the Heera Groups from all over India.

The scheme was a huge success, and many people have been able to benefit from it. Financially disadvantaged people love this scheme. The interest rate scheme provided a steady income stream for many low-income families. Many people from all walks of life adopted the scheme and were quickly overwhelmed by the steady income stream.

Customers were thrilled with Heera Groups’ products and services. Gradually Heera Groups were trusted by customers. Gradually Heera Groups have been generating high incomes ever since their inception.

Relationship with the Investors:

Dr Nowhera Shaikh shares a special bond of friendship with all her investors. For the past 20 years, all the investors have been there for her. They are more than just investors.

Heera Group’s main goal is to give financial freedom to low-income families and provide quality education for needy students.

The Heera Group contributes nearly 2% to farmers’ welfare, and covers girls’ education costs (the primary mission of Dr. Shaik).

Dr Nowhera Shaikh is a philanthropist and has been involved in many charitable and humanitarian organizations both within India and abroad. Two schools were established in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. They provide quality education for the needy and poor. Nowhera Shaik is a strong advocate for equal rights for women and girls, particularly in the educational sector. The Heera Islamic Business Group is dedicated to teaching women self-sufficiency skills.

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