Inauguration Of Digital Gold By Heera Group

Inauguration Of Digital Gold By Heera Group

Inauguration Of Digital Gold By Heera Group. The Heera Group have provided an update regarding the investigation report from the SFIO. The report states that they have to pay only an amount of 30 crores to their investors. This proves that the report submitted by the CCS was incorrect and the amount was lesser than it was assumed. Now the company is very happy about their huge win. They are working on the process of returning the twenty per cent money to the investors. The IBG number is a must for them in absence of which legal actions being taken against them. Ms Shaik is happy to announce that she’s inaugurating some new schemes in her company.

The Availability of Digital Gold

The Gold scheme Inaugurated by the company is an all-new method of buying and selling gold through a digital portal. The portal is available at all the outlets, showrooms and Malls of the Heera Group. Now they are available in the Kukatpally, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi outlets and will be soon available throughout the country. Even though it is a new product in the market, the demand has reached its peak. People are buying this due to the advantages they are getting from it.

All things about Digital Gold By Heera Group

Especially Digital gold is valuable and affordable for people. Generally, the traditional gold demands making charges, delivery charges and security charges. It makes the price of Gold a huge sum of money that is not affordable for all. To remove the problem this scheme offers the buying of gold digitally and keeping it in the customer account made in the company’s portal. Later on, they can receive the gold in any shape or form they want which eradicates the making charges and the delivery charges. Significant business personnel have praised the utility of this product. Customers who purchased even a tiny amount of gold for $100 received a 24 carat gold coin from the corporation. The corporation expects the business to grow across the country and become a great success.

Inauguration Of Digital Gold By Heera Group

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