Honourable Supreme Court’s decision on the Heera Group’s case

Heera Group’s case

Heera group’s case: The meeting held on the 4th of the July, 2022 with the Supreme Court was indeed a remarkable one. It brought a new angle to the Heera group’s case. The case registered in the year 2018, came up to light after a long time. Well, the meeting was solely about the repayment of debts and the bouncing back of the Heera Groups. Besides, the news of bouncing back not only filled the investors with joy but also brought a silver lining.

Apart from the honourable Supreme Court, other legal authorities were also involved in the hearing.

Heera Group’s case
Heera Group’s case

An act worth appreciating

It was during this meeting, Dr. Nowhera Shaik, the CEO of the Heera Group of companies took a significant decision . The Iron Lady of India decided to submit her properties worth Rs. 900 crores to the Supreme Court.  She insisted the Honourable Supreme Court to liquidate her assets and pay her genuine investors.

According to the legal authorities, the cash claimed by the investors was only Rs. 30 crores. But to repay them Dr. Shaik handed over assets worth Rs. 900 crores. The act of producing Rs. 870 crores extra was certainly both enlightening and shocking.

Resisting the fake petitioners

With the increasing popularity of the update, the number of fake claims are also rising. A total of 6023 claimants got registered after the news went viral. As per the claimants, Rs 371 crores should have been the debt amount. But on verification only Rs. 32 crores were genuinely confirmed.

Further, the false nominees of the deceased investors have also started claiming. People who had already withdrawn their money came back with fake receipts to claim again.

Well, to filter out the false claimers Dr. Shaik requested her genuine investors to present their TCM and KYC certificate. In addition, other legal investigations are also in the process to sieve them out.

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