Heera Group’s update of 12th May 2022

Heera Group's update of 12th May 2022

Heera Group’s update of 12th May 2022. Nowhera Shaik updated her advocates about the Supreme Court’s hearing which was held on the 12th of May, 2022 regarding the scam reported against Heera Group, led by Shaik herself.

Honourable Magistrate confirmed that one cannot claim an action crime if SFIO [Serious Fraud Investigation Office] Helpdesk was involved in the Private Office.

The Supreme Court dismissed the FIR against Heera Group

Hon’ble Supreme Court Justice inquired as to why the bank accounts of the Heera Group were still not de-freeze even when they were cleared of all charges. They should fasten the process else Heera Group cannot pay the investors as they promised.

Honourable Supreme Court asked Mr. Raju, a learned solicitor general of SFIO if he would require assistance from Heera Group to retrieve data.

The Supreme Court dismissed the FIR registered by the SFIO stating that they are merely trying to divert the attention from the main issue. He asked SFIO to cooperate with Heera Group and vice versa to retrieve data as early as they can manage.

Heera Group tries to cooperate with SFIO members

The Heera Group members are providing the utmost level of assistance to the SFIO, and TSFSL representatives whereas those representatives choose to remain non-cooperative even after receiving the Supreme Court’s final verdict. Every day the Heera Group workers are constantly urging the SFIO, TSFSL, and CFSL members to assist them in securing the required data, but they are receiving only intended negligence from the officers.

The Supreme Court wants this matter to get sorted as early as possible without much hindrance so they dismissed the FIR filed against the Heera Group.

Heera Group requests protection as they are facing the penalties of the false allegations lodged against them without even getting complete justice. They think that those charges were baseless and were imposed for political interests.

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