Heera Group’s commendable victory! 

Onward from March 26th, 2022 Supreme Court has announced that all the allegations against Heera Group Companies, led by Nowhera Shaik, have been terminated. Henceforth The Heera Group received a historical moment in the Corporate sector of India. 

The SFIO (Serious Fraud Investigation Office)  has been transferred all control by our Honorable Mr. Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Mr. M. M Sundresh stating that there won’t be any entertainment regarding these procedures. The FSL (Forensic Science Laboratory Division of India) is demanded full cooperation and strictly prohibited any delay in work or further nuisance in the end.  

The Supreme Court promised to investigate the huge hefty tax demanded by the income tax department as per the income tax notice. The learned ASG (Additional Solicitor General of India) will be guided by the court to ensure no further delay in the investigation. 

The apex court has announced that Heera Group’s properties, which were stakeholder’s reserve, have been a target of anti-fans. The construction work done while Nowhera Shaik was in custody owing to the charges of scam against her was under the jurisdiction of the honorable court. Moreover, land of about 14 acres was also under the court’s jurisdiction. Along with the termination of all charges against Heera Group and Shaik herself, the Supreme Court also stated that they will be handing back those properties that were under the court’s jurisdiction all this while will be returned to Heera Group and will once again be completely at their disposal. 

The honorable judges have mentioned that they do not find it convincing that such a competent investigating unit has not yet been able to finish all the investigations regarding Heera Group. Therefore, they have concluded that they might as well terminate the charges instead of continuing the investigation based entirely upon possibilities. 

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