Heera Group struggle and how it has set an example

Constant Hardwork along with enough perseverance gives amazing results. This is one of the very ancient sayings. The Assiduity to whatever you do bears excellent fruits. But the road to getting the fruit is not easy you have to walk through a road of difficulties and hurdles. 

But remember one thing. There are two ways. A good and a bad way. The good way is guided by an angel while the other one is guided by the devil himself. The good path is full of tough hurdles but in any way, you win, unlike the bad path where the devil Pampers you to death. The Tough but win-ensuring path was selected by none other than the Heera Group of companies headed by the Selfless Leader Dr Nowhera Shaik.

Setting Examples

The Heera Group recently filed an application to the Supreme Court for releasing all the seized things that belong to the company. While the company was cleared by the court months ago. It’s an important matter as the company is unable to produce the money to clear the remaining payment to their investors before their properties are released. The company is the first of its kind to produce property worth nine hundred crores to clear a debt of 350 crores. This has set an example for many budding companies to come under the leadership of their leader Dr Nowhera Shaik. 

A Doubt and Win

Recently the court announced that many of the investors who are left to be paid are a fraudas they have insufficient or false documents. The mishap is a constant thing as the TSFSL was unable to submit the data of the investors and now the data given by the SFIO also has imposters. The court has rejected all the previous applications submitted by the investors now they have given a new date of 30th November for the investors to submit their documents. No further applications will be entertained as the membership clause clearly states that the investors have to submit official documents to discontinue. The faith that Supreme Court has in the Heera Group is unreal and it shows nothing but their Greatness. 

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