Heera Group of Companies went from one line of production to another and has made a mark in the growing enterprises of the modern era

nowhera shaik

Heera Group of companies is a well-known company that has earned sufficient fame in the business world. In 1998, it was just another enterprise which ‘would not even survive for more than a year!’, but with time, it proved itself to be a worthwhile component in the business industry.

Nowhera Shaik’s dream come true moment was when this company was internationalized. She received praises from many industrialists. She was a young girl who was trying to fit into this gigantic industry. And today, she is this incredibly strong personality who runs a business worth 1000-crore-rupees!

She has had an incredible journey in the business field. She believed in the spirit of expansionism in business to effectively continue running it successfully. She went from expanding her business from one to another channel. She started expanding her business from just a gold line of production to textiles, bottle packaging and many more.

She is an incredibly successful woman today who is well-known for her achievements. But the lines of Heera Group which she has built with her efforts will stay forever and leave a mark in the business industry.

The various lines of production of Heera Group and its various business lines are,

  1. Heera Gold – This is the oldest and the most successful line of Heera Group. Nowhera Shaik popularized an interest-free environment in this industry. Heera Jewellers is a company that deals with golden jewellery and is well known for ethnic and modern intricate designs of jewellery.
  2. Heera Group Building Materials – This branch of Heera Group deals with the building resources used in construction. Heera Group Building Materials supply quality and excellent products.
  3. Heera Textiles – This branch of Heera Group is extremely popular for its textile and good quality fabric products.

There are many branches of Heera Group, like that in Foodex and many other lines.

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