Heera Group of Companies and detail about it

nowhera shaik

Heera Group, established by none other than Dr Nowhera Shaik, is mainly involved in the gold trading business. Nowhera Shaik’s determination and hard work have brought about the grand success of The Heera Group of Companies. The company mainly focuses on profit-free business and gives it all to treat their customers fairly. Despite having its headquarter in Hyderabad, it operates very well in every other country where they have their branches. Besides the gold trade, the Heera Group has fair recognition in other sectors as well such as Tours & Travels, Textile Industry, and Electronics.

Briefing about the various other sectors functioning under The Heera Group:

  • Heera Electronics: This is one of the most successful branches of the Heera Group. Considering the present situation, we all know how much electronic gadgets and equipment have an impact on our lives. This sector is mainly associated with selling electronic goods which are both reliable and also fair priced.
  • Heera Developers: Often abbreviated as HD, this is an auxiliary sector of the Heera Group that is associated with developments activities revolving around real estate. This mainly operates in Hyderabad although in some other countries as well.
  • Heera Tours & Travels: This is exactly what you need if you’re planning a trip with your family, friends, or relatives! It is now known by thousands of people and is a certified travel agency. They ensure that their customers experience the best of everything while they explore national & international regions.
  • Heera Textiles: It aims at bringing all the latest fashion craze on the online platform to ensure that their customers always get the BEST! They have a wide range of products including daily household items and the best fabrics. The products are not only good in quality but also fairly priced.
  • Heera Pure Drops: This sector is associated with providing healthy, clean drinking water. They make sure there’s no mistake in the procedural preparation of packaged water since it can directly impact human health.
  • Heerafoodbazaar.com: This is one of the best initiatives by the Heera Group. It aims at delivering the best quality food at reasonable prices just at the doorstep of the customers.

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