Heera Group Latest News

Heera Group Latest News

Heera Group Latest News : Heera Group is a giant company that endorses services in different sectors of business. Starting from textiles, gold, jewellery, water bottle to different other fields like import and export, food export and many more, this giant company has records of breaking all records! Heera Group was founded in 1997 by Indian businesswoman Nowhera Shaik from Andhra Pradesh.

Initially, the company failed to make any significant impact in the market with its strategy and services. But gradually it consolidated itself into a fairly significant firm for the long run. It was all their founder and managing director Nowhera Shaik’s vision to create something as concrete-like as Heera Group.

Heera Group started with few employees and now holds as many as more than a few thousand employees working actively in different branches of the company. The branches are extended in different parts of the country and also holds client base in different countries especially the countries in the middle east. The company had a very meagre investment by a handful of investors but seeing the potential rise in the company’s fortune, the number of investors has increased from time to time.

The company fortune has increased sharply in the recent few months after its reopening after a temporary halt in its functioning due to legal actions being taken against the company. Nowhera Shaik was jailed for nearly 3 years for an allegation of defrauding her company. Finally, after three years of legal harassment, she was released. She planned her comeback rather fast and promised to pay back every customer within a short time.

She made her comeback and this time far more experienced and cautious than ever before. She relaunched her company Heera Group on 1st August 2021 and go many new investment requests within the very first week. As they say it, Heera Group is running successfully!

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