Heera Group Gains Their Respect Back

Heera Group Gains Their Respect Back

Heera Group Gains Their Respect Back. The Heera Group is a significant name in the conglomerate industries of India nowadays. The companies excellent products and the affordable rates are what their customers thrive for. The company had a rough time for the past few years. There were legal actions taken against them by them Supreme Court for a list of allegations. The court announced their hearing recently and they were released from most of the allegations. Now, Nowhera Shaik have returned the twenty percent claimed money to more than half of the total claimers. Those claimers have posted videos on social media showing the support they have received from the Heera Group in those hard times.

The Respect from the colleagues

The Head of the Heera Group Ms Nowhera Shaik was felicitated by the fellow employees of the company for staying with them during the rough times. The salary of the staffs were not cut down and they were paid from the account of Ms Shaik. She had to sell some of her belongings to serve them. Now she have won the battle every members are rejoicing the victory of Ms Shaik. People came from different parts of the world with bouquets.

Ms Shaik was very emotional on that day. She sat down for a conference to thank everyone for their support. She also told that she’ll take revenge from those people who tried to waste her name. Ms Shaik also announced the launch of several products from the Heera Group.

The launch of new products

The company have launched several products in the meanwhile. Those items are projected to fare well in the marketplace, but digital gold is expected to be the most profitable. Digital gold is nothing but a digital way of gold transactions where the making charges and the security charges are eradicated while providing full profit to the consumer. The company is providing digital gold franchises to gold merchants all over the country. Ms Nowhera Shaik is a name to be remembered not for her background or her company but for her strength to bounce back in full force.

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