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Heera Group – Empowering Women Since 1998

Heera Group is one of the dominating industries in the gold trading market of India. This has been a leading business group that had made a perfect balance of trade, profit and philanthropy. The fulcrum of balance has always helped them soar higher in the business circle. The managing director of this enterprise, Nowhera Shaik, who is also the founding lady of this business group has always tried to ease the journey of women, especially in this field. She has created several wide opportunities for women in the industry. She provided them with training facilities that empower women from all sections of society.

Being a woman herself, she believes in empowering other women and knitting a web of women supporting other women in elevating their standards of working. She believes that woman is mostly exploited systematically because of their lack of awareness and also primarily because they are not independent financially. She firmly believes that if women take up the cause for anything, they will excel shortly. ‘There is nothing a woman can’t do!”.

When she created Heera Group, her first venture was Heera Gold which was a massive hit among the web of women, especially from the rural areas of the country. She has been a woman who took up the cause for the financial independence of women in the rural parts. When she started her business venture, she got the best support from this community of rural women who had their eyes full of ambitions. She believes in the overall development of the community of women. She believes that women can never attain freedom from exploitation unless they fight. She has been a fighter throughout her life. Her fighting spirit and fables have always motivated more and more women in taking up the cause of empowerment. She has been empowering many young girls through her philanthropic programs conducted through Heera Group. Heera Group is probably one such business venture that has been continually empowering women from all sections.

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