Heera Group demands justice

Heera Group demands justice

Heera Group demands justice is not an unknown name in the country in recent times. The company’s growth and the ongoing legal case are the prime reasons. The case started back in 2018, due to which the economic condition of the company gradually fell. Recently the Supreme Court had its latest hearing regarding the case where several points were being discussed. They included the report from the SFIO, the payment left to be returned to the investors and the belongings of the company. The discussion proved to be a turning point for the company.

The Hearing of the Supreme Court

The recent hearing of the Supreme Court saw the role of SFIO being crosschecked. The SFIO was being given the task of retrieving the data of the investors and their payments back from the data centre of Heera Group. The agency did the investigation but instead of finding the data files, they issued an FIR against the company. The reason behind the FIR has been the misuse of the Private Office of the SFIO help desk by the Heera Group. 

The court dismissed the FIR as it was done for a noble cause to help the people. The court is frustrated with the SFIO and they have given them a time limit of three months within which they have to find the data or else legal actions would be taken against them.

The Demands

The Heera Group are now demanding justice from the court regarding all the harassment they have faced till now. Ms Nowhera Shaik, the CEO of the company was arrested for more than three years and kept in prison. Their business was put to a halt while the investors were paid back without any court order. Now their several properties and bank accounts have not been released by the SFIO, although the court has released a notice to do so. 

The company wants compensation from the court and demands all the properties and bank accounts be released as soon as possible. The company’s growth is still not affected by these allegations as it continues to provide high-end products to customers.

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