Heera Group creates milestones in the business world!

Heera Group

The Heera Group of Companies has successfully reigned in the hearts of people for more than two decades. They have always prioritized customer satisfaction and product quality above all other goals.

This business group has recently launched the Heera Digital Gold, a digital platform where people can easily purchase virtual gold at convenient rates and with other remarkable features like the availability of a vault system to store the same amount of physical gold as the amount of virtual gold bought by thee customers and delivery of physical gold at the doorstep in different forms like jewelry, utensils, coins, showpieces, etc.

Heera Group

Popular Subgroups of the Heera Group

Some more popular branches of the Heera Group include, Heera Mart is one of the most successful companies of Heera Group. They have innumerable malls in varied states, that trade in good-quality, reliable and cheap products like garments, household articles, etc.

Heera Foodex is a food delivery service that helps you order your favorite dishes from the best restaurants in very little time.

The Heera Tours & Travels has professional personnel that arranges your tour perfectly, saving you from all the responsibilities. Heera Pure Drop deals in packaged, purified drinking water at a reasonable price.

Heera Group’s service towards mankind

The Heera Group of Companies also takes an active part in social service. A big percentage of the revenue earned by the Heera Group is donated for the sake of good education for the youth of India and for improving the living standard of people belonging to the poor section of the society. Dr. Nowhera Shaik is a million business tycoon and the huge amount of tax paid by her. It helps the government to fund more public projects.

Dr. Nowhera Shaik is the true example of how victories in a career path do not solely define a person. It is their behavior towards other people that reflects their etiquette and wisdom and makes them beautiful people inside out.

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