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Heera Gold – Women Not Only Buy Gold, but They also Sell It!

Often, we have come across a common notion that women crave gold every time. It is no wrong fact that Indian women or rather women in general have a special craving for gold and gold jewellery but this is just a half-truth to the fact. Women love gold but that is not the end of the sentence. Women can sell gold too! Nowhera Shaik has been doing it for decades now. She planned to create a small business outlet with a mastermind strategy. The strategy just worked out and her dream of a small-scale business outlet was never turned successful. Instead, her dreams got upgraded and she had a massive hit in the gold trading industry. Today, her company the Heera Group/ Heera gold holds a huge share in the gold trading market of India and abroad.

Her Plan

It is said that whatever happens in life is for a reason. A reason which we may not be able to see today but definitely will unfold in front of us at the appropriate timing. When Nowhera Shaik went on from village to village raising awareness for girl child education and literacy, she made many connections in the rural parts. The rural women seemed to glow with gratitude and reverence when they got to know that she plans of including them in her plan of starting Heera gold. She bought gold directly and sold it to other women who supported her in carrying forward her business plan.

Women too can Sell Gold! Women buying gold from goldsmiths was something quite popular at that time but to think of a woman showing a straight ignorance to the patriarchal standards and moving forward with dreams of owning a successful business was something just out of the league for so many people. As always, she did the thing she is known for: ignoring the baseless opinions! Her spirit and dynamism had infused a sense of free spirit and courage among the women. A unanimous voice echoed within their hearts, ‘Women can both Buy and Sell gold!’

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