Heera Gold Nowhera Shaik – the Daughter of the soil

Heera Gold Nowhera Shaik

What is exactly the life of a plant? It budges out from its original seed in which it was protected, it starts growing into a full-grown plant and then starts blooming into beautiful flowers, bears seeds and then again sublimes in the ethereal canvas of the soil. This is exactly what all of our life cycles are all about. We grow from the soil, we live on it with the help of the roots that derive necessary nutrition for our survival and then again we turn into the soil in whose lap we once had breathed for the first time. We often seem to forget this truth about life and get lost from the trajectory. For Heera Gold Nowhera Shaik life was exactly like this.

Nowhera Shaik, a bossy lady and primarily an owner of a company with high sales turnover. The name is Heera Group. Heera Group was a business organization dealing in multiple pockets of investment and services. When Heera Group was started by Nowhera Shaik, she had earned just a few years of ensemble experience in the field. She comes from a very humble financial background where she had to take the course of her family after a certain time. She earned high fame among the women especially after her Heera Gold schemes for women.

Later Heera Gold Nowhera Shaik tried her luck in Halal investment, a socially responsible form of investment that gives upper-hand to the middle class and poor sections of investors who earns a handsome monthly allowance in return for a nominal investment under the headings of Halal investment. The scheme was later under the scrutiny of law as per the plans of politically powerful people. This scheme got her into 3 years of unnecessary trouble in the form of imprisonment. Later she was acquitted of her charges and was found to be innocent. She considers every single incident to be learning in life. She is a daughter of the soil of this country and has made India proud in many heads globally.

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