Heera Digital Gold App Guidelines

Heera Digital Gold App Guidelines

Heera Digital Gold App Guidelines. Are you facing problems in using Heera Digital Gold App for the first time? We are here to simplify things for you in the most organized way possible. You just download the application on your mobile phone and use this article for further guidance.

We are enlisting below all the necessary steps you need to follow to place an order in the Heera Digital Gold app.

1. First clarify the application you are using is the official Heera Digital Gold app. This will make your data end to end encrypted.

2. Enter your particulars after which you will be directed to a page where you need to choose if you will invest in physical gold or digital gold.

To purchase physical gold:

Choose the quantity of gold you want to purchase in grams.

Next, select the form of gold you are interested to buy and then “Add to Cart”.

On the same page, choose the ‘My Cart’ option and finalize your deal by selecting the product added and proceeding to checkout.

To provide delivery, enter your Name, Location, Country, Email Address, and Mobile number along with some other essentials.

Next, you need to pay the required amount online. The page will direct you to the online payment portal. Select a payment gateway like UPI, Net-banking Or Wallet you are wishing to pay through.

 Once you pay the money your deal is sealed!

To purchase digital gold:

 If you are buying gold, Go to ‘My Wallet’. It is in the upper left corner of the home page. Next, select the ‘BUY’ option highlighted in green on the same page.

Finalize the cost and the quantity of gold. Next, ‘Proceed to buy’. Approve the quantity, cost and markdown. Once rechecked, click ‘Proceed to Pay. If you want to sell gold,

Revisit the “My Wallet” option. Choose ‘SELL’ coloured in red.

Recheck the weight to be purchased and the total amount payable. Once done, ‘Proceed to send sell request’. Once the server approves your request, it will show  “Sale request sent successfully”.

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