Harwinder Kaur: Smallest Stature Lawyer of India

Harwinder Kaur

Early Life of Harwinder Kaur:

We will encounter an inspiring and exciting story of a lawyer Harwinder Kaur AKA Ruby, of the Jalandhar Court in Punjab.

Harwinder Kaur longed to become a flight attendant from a young age, but her dream was not fulfilled due to her small height.

Imagine how everyone is mocked for being dwarfs! It is hard to believe that our society is so judgemental and criticizes one another on the grounds that they aren’t even controlled.

When she discovered that her body wasn’t growing as it should, she was in Grade IV. This brought her ridicule and even exploitation. Harwinder began skipping school after she was accepted into higher classes. She spent her time at home and avoided going to school. Harwinder’s life changed dramatically when she applied for admission at the KCL Institute of Laws in Jalandhar. The things she couldn’t enjoy and experience in her school life, she got in her college life.

Ruby’s family was concerned about Ruby’s slow growth. They consulted several doctors and tried many methods, including meditation and medication. Harwinder Kaur gave up her dream to become a spiritual worker. She was able to continue her journey because of the support she received on social media. Harwinder Kaur is starting to ignore the slander that has been posted on social media.

Ruby decided after passing her 12th standard that she would go into law to create an independent identity. She graduated from law school and went on to become a lawyer. Harwinder’s mother, Sukhdeep Kaur, is a homemaker. Shamsher Singh is an ASI with the Phillip traffic police. Harwinder Kaur completed her LLB in 2017 and was issued a client certificate as well as a client license by Bar Counseling of Punjab and Haryana on November 23, 2020.

India’s smallest lawyer of stature has been subject to mocking, ridiculing, and disparaging looks. Her height has always been criticized. She is an inspiration and a great example of how size doesn’t matter if someone desires to achieve their goals.

Recognition and Achievements:

Today Harwinder Kaur, “India’s Smallest Standing Lawyer,” can see the transformation of people who used to give her scornful looks. She can see those harsh remarks made by judgmental people becoming compliments and positive words.

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