Govind Jaiswal – From a Rickshaw Puller’s son to an IAS Officer

Govind Jaiswal

Many inspiring and motivating people have gone from being poor to rich. Even though you may not have much in common with Govind Jaiswal’s success story, it will give you goosebumps that you can achieve great things in your life.

The Incident Which Changed his life:

In childhood, when Govind used to go to his rich friend’s house to play, he got offended many times. He was insulted just because he was the son of Rickshaw Pullers and was kicked out of the house. 

Govind Jaiswal was only 11 years old and couldn’t figure out what caused the incident. One of his friends helped him to understand the situation and encouraged to fight economic inequalities to be treated fairly in society. However, he was still subject to discrimination that would have been exponentially worse.

This incident was the turning point that led to him becoming something great. He found IAS the most rewarding job in the country. This story begins with a young man who dreams big and wants to become an IAS officer. It is easy to dream big, but it is not the easiest path to success. His journey was full of hardship.

Early days of Govind Jaiswal:

Govind was joined by his three sisters and his father, Narayan. His father worked in a government-run ration shop. He also used to rent out and buy rickshaws. Their financial situation remained stable up until the bad days started.

Govind’s father, Narayan, developed hearing difficulties as he got older. He also couldn’t work due to a broken leg. His father ensured that his daughters were married, despite all the hardships.

All eyes were now on Govind to see what he could do to help the family. However, things weren’t as easy as they seemed.

His Journey to Become an IAS:

It wasn’t easy to become an IAS officer. His father sold his land to enable Govind to pursue IAS studies at Delhi. Govind skipped meals and stopped taking maths classes in order to save money. The unwavering dedication was required to become an IAS officer.

Narayan’s injured legs were a further problem. He had to stop ricksha pulling, and the problems continued to worsen. Govind was well aware of his family’s condition and had no other choice but to clear UPSC in the first attempt.

He achieved 46th rank on his first attempt at the UPSC civil service exam in 2006. He was 22 years old and knew the sacrifices his family made for him. So, when he got his first salary, he used that money for his father’s injured legs treatment. 

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