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Gitanjali Rao

Gitanjali Rao was (born 19 November 2005) an American inventor and Indian descent; she is also an author, scientist, and engineer, in the field of science, technology, and mathematics. She won the Discovery Education among 3M Young Scientist Challenge in the year 2017 and was recognized on Forbes 30. Rao was named as Time’s top young inventor of 2020; when she was only 16 years old in her “innovation workshops”, and, on 4 December 2020; she was featured on the cover of Time and in newspaper and named as their first “Kid of the Year”. On 18 November 2021, she was awarded as a Laureate of the Young Activists Summit in the UN.

Gitanjali Rao Early Life:

Gitanjali is an Indian descent. She enjoys Indian classical songs and their culture. She currently lives in Lone Tree, where she attended the STEM School Highlands Ranch in Colorado. Especially She has also expressed interest in studying genetics and epidemiology. She is conducting research and invention at the University of Colorado only.


Rao was first influenced by discoveries and technologies by a science kit; her uncle gave to her as a present when she was only 4 years old. Afterward, when she was 10, she heard about the Flint water crisis; while watching the news on television and became interested in several ways to measure the lead content of water. This led to her using App Inventor to develop a device called Tethys based on carbon nanotubes that send; information about water via Bluetooth from one device at a time.


¬†Especially In the year September 2018, Rao was awarded the United States Environmental Protection Agency Presidents of Environmental Youth Award. Rao was also awarded the Top “Health” Pillar Prize for her innovation on the TCS Ignite Student Challenge in the year 2019 May where she developed and diagnose a tool called Epione based on advances in epidemiology in genetic engineering.

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