From Kyiv to India A storey of bravery, strength, and empathy

From Kyiv to India

From Kyiv to India. War puts regular citizens, as well as troops, to the test. While foreigners attempt to flee Ukraine for a safer area away from the current conflict, an Indian computer expert and his family demonstrated remarkable bravery by rescuing a couple and their two-month-old infant from Kyiv by assisting them during a gruelling three-day trek back to their homeland.

Baroon Varma, a software expert, and his wife Smita Sinha soothed, fed, and insured the safety of the Bankda family as they travelled from Mumbai on a journey none of these families had ever imagined. These family were strangers until Mr.Varma read a Twitter tweet with a phone number asking for aid on February 28.


I discovered the couple was with their two-month-old infant when I contacted that number. He told siurces over the phone that they were stuck on the outskirts of Kyiv with no grasp of the local language. Mr. Varma invited them to his home because he, his wife, and two daughters were about to depart the next day for Lviv in western Ukraine. It is currently a quiet location near the Polish border.

“With night curfew approaching, we scrambled to get taxis on apps.” “After seventy-eight refusals, a driver eventually consented to travel 14 kilometres,” he stated. Since 2015, he has been residing in Ukraine.

The Journey through Train

The two families were unable to board the initial train, but when a special train was announced, Mr. Varma placed his younger five-year-old daughter on his shoulder and requested Rahul Bankda to hold his child so that both men and women could board the train. It took nine hours instead of the normal five, and the four adults were forced to stand and eat just biscuits because there was no room to move.

“In Lviv, a friend named Volodimir drove us home, fed us, and consoled us,” he recalled. The two families were dumped off the next morning 1.4 kilometres from the Poland border, which was also clogged with people.

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