“Focus on your work!” Nowhera Shaik’s motivation

“Focus on your work!” Nowhera Shaik’s motivation

In our society, we live up to a weird notion about women. Women are supposedly expected to be multi-tasker. Nowhera Shaik says that they need to be perfect both in and out. They have to maintain their professional life with the sway of their hands and at the same time must take the entire command of her household. But did we ever question why? Exactly! This is where the problem lies. We seem to portray women as the person with a robotic balance where in life they are as much human as anybody else. Expecting them to parallelly manage both their professional and personal space is nothing but a soft method of passing the ball on their court.

When a man does the overtime, he is considered to be hardworking and ambitious but when a woman does the same, at first her character is put down and secondly her ‘too-much’ ambitious trait is critiqued. Nowhera Shaik says the worst part of this scenario is that it is one of the reasons, many ambitious young girls feel guilty and in turn against the very idea of reaching big positions at the cost of family time.

Nowhera Shaik, the founder of Heera Group was quite clear about what she wanted from her life. She belonged to that ‘too-much; ambitious category and had been put under serious allegations against her at times but she wanted to rise high and higher! She would not let anyone decide and dictate her future. The day she made her choice, some obstacles got launched at her like the furious arrows from a shaft. She was busy chasing her dreams and hardly cared for the opinions of others. She tells, “The day you choose to be independent, there will be a thousand questions hurled at you and you will be expected to justify your stance. Just don’t! The ones criticizing you will probably be back at you after some time claiming how they had supported you on your worst days! Focus on your work.” Indeed, she focused on her work and life took its course.

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