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Finally Justice Triumphed on Nowhera Shaik

Allegation On Nowhera Shaik:

Nowhera is accused of having collected Rs. 5.600 crore from investors of 1.72 lakh to the name of gold Ponzi scheme. In October 2018, she was arrested. She headed 15 companies that were all under the Heera group. The group began its operations in 2010.

Her enemies have accused her of running a Gold Ponzi scheme, where they claim to have received a return of between 36% and 42%. They also claim that she has been late on payments and mismanaged funds.

What happened in the Police Custody?: 

Nowhera Shaik was surprisingly arrested in Delhi in October 2018. She was taken to the Chenchalguda Jail, Hyderabad. After spending 9 days there, she got bail. Even after getting bail, she was not released. 

Later, she was handed over to Mumbai police. She was kept in Azad Maidan lockup. There she was produced before the court, and the judge granted 14 days of police custody. 

After 14 days, Nowhera was on interrogation, Nowhera was taken to the Byculla women’s prison. After some days, Navi Mumbai Police took her custody and took her to the Navi Mumbai Police Station. Again there, she was asked questions from morning to night. She was mentally harassed by asking unwanted questions. Likewise, she was sent to Byculla Women Prison.

They kept her transferring from this jail to that jail under the custody of various areas police. Later her custody was taken by Aurangabad police. She was flipped between different police custody.

Finally, Telangana Police came and took her custody. During all this time, she was mentally and physically depleted.

Interim Bail Granted by Telangana High Court:

Ultimately, Nowhera submitted her written petition in Telangana High Court stated that she was arrested under the wrong acts, and those acts were not applicable to her.

She fought with the whole police department, who had registered a fake FIR against her. So finally, on the basis of the written petition given by Nowhera, the High court of Telangana gave the judgment on 23rd December 2019.

The judgment was given by the Honourable Justice G. Shri Devi. Nowhera Shaik was granted interim bail. The order was passed to release Nowhera Shaik. It was a great victory for her after such a long-suffering.

Nowhera’s Statement after Interim Bail:

Meanwhile, The Court has granted her interim bail on the condition that she will have to repay the investors. The Heera Group has to comply with the courts’ order. 

Between all the claims and allegations, Nowhera stated that “Heera Group is ready to make its payments. We have never fled, and we will not ever flee. The company will introduce new policies and reach greater heights.” 

Finally, Regular Bail Has Been Granted:

After getting interim bail from the Telangana High Court, Nowhera decided to keep fighting for her Justice. She knew that one day Justice will come to her since she always has been innocent.

She filled the written petition in the High Court for her regular bail. She kept fighting to prove her innocence. She always has faith in God. She believes in the quote, “Have hopes and be patient. God bides his time for His own reasons.” And she ultimately agreed that” Justice may be delayed but it will not be denied.

So finally, that sunny day arrived, and the Supreme Court gave one historical judgment. On 5th August 2021, the Supreme Court granted regular bail to Nowhera Shaik. Ultimately, Nowhera Shaik proved her innocence, and she is ready to reclaim her kingdom again.

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