Fighting today so that the next generation does not need to fight

Dr. Nowhera Shaik

Dr. Nowhera Shaik will be remembered as the woman who fought for the rights of young girls to ease the empowerment of women in the coming ages. The young girls in India, especially the rural parts were subjected to illiteracy. Nowhera Shaik has seen this in her community and other communities as well. She wanted to break the wheel of oppression and to break the wheel she had to start right from the bottom. She had fought for women rights. She is a distinctively successful woman from her community who has repeatedly represented the community and has always thought of helping them progress in every field.

To progress in every field, only the men cannot take all the credit. The women need to progress equally to maintain the balance. A balance is extremely essential to help any nation grow progressively. Dr. Nowhera Shaik imparted liberal religious education to young girls from villages. She then started her company, Heera Gold, a company that was not only for the empowerment of women but also for and for it. She has repeatedly expressed in all her interviews, the need for women education and skills for work. She considers that once you are born a girl, it is your primary duty to be financially independent to be successfully safe from being vulnerable to patriarchy and domination. She is one such woman rights activist who has repeatedly fought for claiming the rights of women. There are instances when she had protested against the oppression of village women. She is revered as ‘Aapa’ or the elder sister who always stays by their side. She has trained more than a thousand girls in her company and give a new meaning to them in life. She has always created schools, universities, especially for the girls. The hospitals, banks and all other institutions under Heera Group has a fair share of gender equality and equal pay. Nowhera Shaik is a feminist, India needs more and more to progress as a nation with empowered women.

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