Evan Spiegel: The Snapchat Story

Evan Spiegel

Companies: Journey to the Beginning:

Evan Spiegel was studying product design in the year 2011. Reggie Braun, his friend, approached him and shared the idea of disappearing pictures with him. The idea appealed to him as he had been thinking about the same thing. Hence they decided to create a photo-sharing app where you can share awkward selfies and funny photos with your friends. Then they pulled in Bobby Murphy, who had some experience in coding, and the three of them worked on this project.

During this time, all Evan’s batchmates got graduated. But he had few credits shorts, so he didn’t graduate. He chose to dedicate his full-time time to this app. The company grew steadily over the next few years. In May 2012, 25 images were being sent per second via the iOS-only app. After six months, 20 million photos were being sent each day. Snap kids were launched in June 2013. This app was designed for children under 13 years old. It allowed them to take and edit photos.

They introduced my Story”, and it was an immediate hit. This Feature was loved by many. By May 2015, users had sent 2 billion videos per day. It was shared 6 million times by 2016, and the app received 10 billion video views per day in May 2016.

It’s even more amazing that the video looks exactly the same as you saw it. Facebook offered the company 3 billion dollars, but they declined the offer. Rumors also suggest that Google offered four billion dollars. Google G. Facebook also invested Snapchat tried to replicate Snapchat features but failed. In September 2016, they added the story Feature on Instagram.

 Let’s discuss Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel:

You can search the Internet to find Evan Spiegel profiles. He won’t be found. He is the first self-made billionaire.

Interesting facts Evan About Spiegel career:

Facebook really wants Snapchat. Mark Zuckerberg offered Snapchat a billion dollars initially, but he was rejected. He returned with a third-billion dollar offer, which was rejected again. He promised to return with a check for $4 billion the next day, but his offer was rejected again.

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