Education of Nowhera Shaik


Nowhera Shaik was the only child of a modest family. Shaik Bilkis and Shaik Nanne Saheb were her parents. She was born on 21 September 1973.

No one is the eldest of six siblings. As the eldest of six siblings, Nowhera was faced with many challenges. She used to work alongside her mother selling vegetables, and she also studied in school. At the age of 19, Nowhera began teaching in the madrassa after completing her school education. She began with six students, but soon was able to instruct 300 students.

Nowhera Shaik is a multifaceted woman. She has been involved in many fields and has achieved great success in all of them. She can wear many hats. She is a Businesswoman and Entrepreneur and a Human Rights and Women Rights Activists activist and Politician.

After some time, Nowhera obtained a degree in business management. Nowhera Shaik was awarded a Doctorate of Philosophy by the Open International University, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

She is the CEO, MD, and founder of “Heera Groups of Companies”. The headquarters of the company is in Hyderabad, with branches throughout India and Asia. She is the International Human Rights Association’s Women’s wing in India, and she is the Association’s lifetime Vice-President.

Dr Shaik is the key to Heera Groups’ success. She was able to capture the market quickly due to her determination, business ethics, and values. Because of the quality of the products and the services they provide, customers believed in Heera Groups. Heera Groups companies did not compromise on the quality of work ethics of their products.

Heera Group gradually expanded their business across India. Heera Groups grew their business to include the UAE, Canada, China, Saudi Arabia and Ghana after capturing the Indian market. Heera Group began dealing in several Ventures such as Heera Gold and Heera Jewellers. Heera Gold Trading DMCC was established. Heera Developers, Heera Building Materials and Heera Electronics were also included. Heera Tours and Travels, Heera Electronics and Heera Electronics are all part of the Heera Group. So Dr Shaik expanded Heera Groups into many industries. These Industries grew quickly and brought in huge revenue.

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