Dr. Ramanand Singh  

Reports of doctors defrauding consumers or demanding high costs for medical services have risen in recent years. During the early stages of the COVID-19 epidemic, a number of incidences involving patients paying exorbitant amounts for a bed or vital medications came to light. 

However, a doctor from Bihar provides us reason to hope that the fraternity’s image, which has been degrading in recent years, might be restored. 

Dr. Ramanand Singh of Barbigha village has been treating patients for only Rs 50 for the past 35 years. In circumstances where individuals are unable to pay for medical treatment, he even waives his fees. He pays for their medications on occasion. 

“My prices have been modest since the day I started my medical practice,” the 68-year-old, who holds an MBBS, claims. I used to charge Rs 5 per hour, whereas others charged three to four times that. But I became a doctor to help people.” 

Been Practicing for Generations 

“My father is a farmer, and we have been practicing this for generations,” he told sources about his inspiration. However, during my upbringing, the facilities in our community were inadequate. The infrastructure was in bad shape, and citizens were suffering from a lack of health-care options.” 

Dr. Ramamand claims that his community had only a few doctors and that getting medical help was a luxury. “Doctors charged exorbitant consultation fees. “Buying drugs and going to follow-up visits just added to the costs,” he says. 

His encounters during visits 

Dr. Ramanand frequently saw patients who were unable to pay for medical treatment during his visits. “I went to rural locations where people were struggling to get by. I didn’t charge them anything because I was able to help them.  

Patients came for follow-up visits on several occasions, and I discovered that they were not adhering to the medicines as prescribed. When I asked why they couldn’t afford medical charges, they told me they couldn’t,” he adds, adding that it was at that point that he began paying for their medical expenditures as well. 

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