Dr Nowhera Shaik – The Change

Dr nowhera shaik

Dr Nowhera Shaik’s journey throughout her life has been quite exemplary to other women. She was born into a lower-middle-class Muslim household where her mother was a vegetable vendor and her father a small-scale businessman. She was dropped off from her reputed school while being unable to pay fees for it and was admitted to a Madrasa thereafter. Later she earned her higher studies and had achieved her PhD degree earning her the title of Dr Nowhera Shaik.

Early Life

From a very young age, she started earning for her family. She started to teach young girls of her age at the age of 19. She started teaching children in rural areas and made friends in the villages. This earned her a wide range of trust and visibility which in turn helped her in finding the resources for her business.

Struggles for setting up Business

She was never the girl who would like to be manipulated by the decision of others. Rather she loved working for herself and stay independent at the same time. She laid the foundation of her Heera Gold with her little effort of selling golden bars directly from the goldsmiths. Her friends in the village which was an army of middle-aged women helped her to foray into this business.

At first, she did not get investors for her business projects but she did not give up and went on trying hard and finally started receiving investments for her business plans.

Halal Investment and more

Halal Investment by her company Heera Group is arguably one of the most controversial schemes under Heera Group. It believed in the spirit of social justice and thus helped the investors earn quite nice on a monthly term. This helped the Halal investment to grow from a national audience to an international spectrum. It became widely accepted and garnered more and more investors. This is the scheme that had complaints of fraud and got her in jail but later she was proven a victim of political planning after she entered politics.

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