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Business, Social Work, Activism and Politics:

The Journey of Nowhera Shaik, Heera Group began with Gold Business. Later, it expanded into many other sectors like Textile, Tourism and Real Estate. Heeradeals.com, Heera Foodex were recently launched as new ventures.

Born Humanitarian, she has been associated with numerous humanitarian charities in India and the Middle East. Her primary focus is on education for the poor and financially backward. Two educational institutions are in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, are established by her. They provide free education for the needy and poor. Her Heera Group offers professional courses and skills development programs for women to empower them to be self-sufficient.

She was always interested in contributing to national interests and founded the political party All India Mahila Empowerment Party. AIMEP was launched on 16 November 2017. The parties’ main goal is to raise awareness among women and address issues like child labor, gender injustice, literacy, and poverty.

Nowhera Shaik follows her philosophy. She is a firm believer in her values and works ethic. She is an inspiration to young women across the country.

Her enemies have accused her of running a Gold Ponzi scheme, where they claim investors get a return of between 36% and 42%. They also claim that Nowhera has been late on payments or mismanaged funds.

She was alleged for cheating investors’ estimated Rs 1,000 Crore. Delhi Police first detained her in connection with a Heera Gold Investment fraud case. Later, she was taken into custody by Mumbai Police for Rs.500 Crore Heera Gold Investment Fraud case.

On14th October 2018, Nowhera was arrested in Delhi for FIR against her by her investors. She was taken to the Chenchalguda Jail, Hyderabad. She got bail after spending nine days in jail. On the same day, when she was about to release, Mumbai Police took her custody and arrested her. They took her to Mumbai. In Mumbai, the judge granted her 14 days of police custody.

After 14 days of interrogation by Mumbai police, Thane police came to jail for Nowhera Shaik custody. In Thane, she was granted seven days of police custody. Nowhera was kept in Byculla Women’s Prison. After few days, Pune police took her custody. Then from Pune, she was taken to Aurangabad, Chittor, Telengana, and finally, she was taken to the Chenchalguda Jail. 

Nowhera Shaik had suffered a lot of mental harassment and disturbance during this period. However, Nowhera did not lose faith in the Indian Constitution. She was aware that she had been arrested for committing fake acts. She filed a written petition at Telangana High Court.

So, finally, the judgment was given by the Honourable justice G. Sri. Devi. High Court had issued an order to release a Nowhera Shaik. 

It was a great victory for Nowhera. She fought with them, even she was in their custody.

After being released on bail by the Supreme Court, she addressed the press for the first time. For the press meet, only the media were allowed. “I taught women how business works and gave them tools for success.” “We have been instrumental in empowering a lot of women since 1998 when the Heera Group began,” stated Nowhera. 

Nowhera Shaik declared that the “Heera Group is available to make its payments.” We did not flee and will never escape. The company will adopt new policies and reach higher heights. 

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