Dr Nowhera Shaik: Day by day the honour increases

Dr Nowhera Shaik

Dr Nowhera Shaik is an eminent philanthropist and entrepreneur in her circle. Being bought up in a culturally nourished country Dr Nowhera Shaik bears the moral values that are still significant. With immense practical field knowledge and business-oriented methods, Dr Nowhera Shaik is undoubtedly one of the most successful people in not only India but the Asian region. The list of achievements that belonged to Dr Nowhera Shaik is slowly increasing every coming day. The change is sighted as one of the truest things happening because the underrated talent that was ignored is finally getting the deserving attention. 

Dr Nowhera Shaik


The Glory

Dr Nowhera Shaik is not only a visionary but she’s practical too and thus she have been the Chief Executive Officer of the Heera Group of Companies for more than thirty years. The company was nothing when started. It was Dr Nowhera Shaik who arranged all the things and made the Heera Group of companies one of the largest conglomerates in India. The company have been seen as an epitome of excellence thanks to its moral leader. The company have helped more than three thousand people belonging to the underprivileged society of the country in various ways. It became the first company to incorporate a special fund for social service. 

With so many attributes attached to its name, the Heera Group have let Dr Nowhera win numerous awards from different organisations. 

The Honour

Dr Shaik already has a degree of PhD in Islamic Studies. But apart from the educational qualification, she has been promoted to being one of the best industry leaders in the country. Indian Economic Development & Research Association awarded Dr Nowhera as the best leader for Industrial development. She also won an award from the Centre of Narendra Modi Studies for her contribution to the conglomerate business sector. Today she’s listed along with several other significant personalities as Fortune most India’s most dynamic person of 2022. 

Nowhera Shaik however views this award as a prop because her true awards include her whole family which is referred to as the Heera Group family!

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