Dr. Nowhera Shaik and her contributions

Dr. Nowhera Shaik

The injustice in the world is largely the result of crooked individuals that live in it. People are being abused, and the natural order of the planet is being disturbed. Humans have partitioned the world into various regions for their own purposes. Each area has its own set of laws and methods of corruption.

Well, India has a greater rate of corruption than the majority of other nations. This is because there aren’t any suitable candidates to represent the populace in this democracy. Others must exercise extreme caution and have a thorough understanding of each candidate before choosing deserving candidates.

Dr. Nowhera Shaik

Dr. Nowhera Shaik is an example of an ethical individual who has a selfless spirit and has long worked for the country’s citizens. She created the All Indian Mahila Empowerment Party with her spirit in order to help the people of the nation.

Good deeds of AIMEP

The Party’s guiding principle is that you should be selfless and serve others because the Almighty will serve you in return. The party has spent the last five years serving the people, specifically women and children, with this philosophy in mind. Hundreds of medical businesses, fifty Madrassa institutions, and suitable roads have been constructed throughout rural India as a result of the Mahila Empowerment Party. Therefore, due to the fantastic effort made by the party’s president, women in the nation are now able to support themselves.

Mrs. Farhana Sayed joins AIMEP

The Mahila Empowerment Party has chosen Mrs. Farhana Siraj Sayed to represent them in the upcoming Andheri By poll Elections. She is well-known to all Andheri locals due to her involvement in a number of prominent development initiatives there. People around the nation have applauded her decision as Andheri is witnessing a wind of change in the city’s infrastructure. For the benefit of the general public, or to be more accurate, her people, Mrs. Sayed is ready and prepared for the impending programme.

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