Dilma Rousseff – Brazil’s first female President

Dilma Rousseff

Early Years of Dilma Russoff:

Dilma Vana Rousseff was born in Belo Horizonte on December 14, 1947. She is a Brazilian Politician and was the first female President in Brazil in 2011. She was re-elected again in 2014 but was then removed from office.

Dilma Rousseff, the daughter of a Bulgarian immigrant and a mother to a noble family in Belo Horizonte, was born in 1964. In her youth, she was a socialist. After 1964 sour, Dilma Rousseff joined the left-wing Marxist Factions in the cities against the military dictatorship. Rousseff was tortured and imprisoned between 1970 and 1972.

Dilma Rousseff was released and rebuilt her life in Porte Alegre with Carlos Araujo, who would become her husband for thirty years. Both of them put a lot of efforts for the Demосrаtiс Lаbоr Раrty (РDT), and because of their efforts, PDT won.  

She was a secretary of finance in Роrtо Аlegre under Аlсeu Соllаres (рt), and later a Secretary of Energy fоr the Riо Grаnde dо Sul under bоth Соllаres аnd Оlíviо Dutrа. After an internal dispute at the Dutra Cabinet in 2000, she left PDT and joined the “Workers Party.” (PT)

She was prospered in her private life, self-development, and contemporary politics in Brazil. She played a major role in the founding of the Democratic Labor Party (PDT) in Rio Grande de do Sul. She played a major role in the management of government power in her region, where she was Secretary for Energy, Mines, and Communications, and then later became Minister of Mines and Energy for many years.

She was a Human Resources Manager President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva from 2005 to 2010. Shortly afterward, she ran for the office of President and was sworn into office on January 1, 2011.

Her Personal Life:

From 1968 to 1981, Rousseff married to journalist Claudio Galano Linhares. They were married in the 1970s, but their divorce was finalized in 1981.

Soon after her divorce from Galeno she married Carlos Franklin Paixao De Araujo. She had Paula Rousseff, her first and only Child. In 2000, the Couple took divorced.

The Take-Away:

Dilma Rousseff is the real symbol of women’s empowerment. She has been through many hardships, but she never distracted from her final Goal.

Country where women are not considered as a good leader, She proved herself there. Not only had she emerged as the very confident leader of the country. Ultimately she became the first lady ever to become the President of Brazil.

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