Dhanishtha is a perfect combination with bravery and heroism.


Dhanishta Donating an organ is a noble act that demonstrates your willingness to help others in the event of a tragedy. Thousands of patients with organ failure are given hope through transplants, while others are given a new lease on life.

In India, the demand for organ donation is rapidly increasing. In addition, the number of organ donors in India has increased dramatically. In India, organ donation is only permitted with the donor’s or their family’s agreement. Despite this, a number of organisations are advocating for organ donation with the option of opting out.

The ill-fated Accident

Recently, Dhanishtha, a 20-month-old infant from Rohini, Delhi, has contributed to a worthy cause much beyond her years.

Dhanishtha had become unconscious after falling from her home’s first-floor balcony while playing on the evening of January 8. She was brought to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, where she was unable to be saved despite all attempts. On January 11th, the infant was confirmed brain dead.

Dhanishthaistha’s parents were devastated by the news. In a matter of seconds, everything they had and believed in was stolen away from them. Instead of breaking down at this point, they determined to help all the other Dhanishthaisthas who might still have a chance at life. Who knows if there is still a battle going on right now. They then decided to be Dhanishthaistha’s guardian angels and donate all of Dhanishthaistha’s functional organs to any youngster in need.

Heroic Act of Kindness

She devoted herself to a noble mission well above her years. She became the world’s youngest cadaver donor, donating numerous organs and giving five patients a new lease on life. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital collected her heart, liver, kidneys, and corneas, which were utilised to help five patients.

“This great effort of the family is very praiseworthy and should stimulate others,” said Dr DS Rana, Chairman (BOM), Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. India has one of the lowest rates of organ donation, with 0.26 per million. Every year, 5 lakh Indians die owing to a scarcity of organs.”

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