Dashrath Manjhi – The Man Who Moved The Mountain

Dashrath Manjhi

A mere five decades ago, a Gahlor Ghati farmer Dashrath Manjhi was unable to land and decided to help his villager by slicing down a 300-foot-high hill to make a 1-km passage.

His village was nestled in the hills, and the villagers had to cross small distances between Atri town and Wazirganj. In memory of his wife, who couldn’t be transported to the nearest hospital for treatment, he began hammering the hill around 1959. The nearest road to the city was only 50km long.

Because he knew that his voice would not cause any reaction in the ear of government officials, Dashrath decided to do this Herculean task by himself. To purchase a chisel and rope, Dashrath sold his goats. He was referred to as eccentric and impulsive, but no one knew what his plans were. He was not discouraged by the disapproval of his critics and worked tirelessly for 22 years to reduce the distance between Atri (Wazirganj) from 50km to just 10km. He finally reached his goal when he crossed a flat passage measuring one km in length and 16-feet wide.

Dashrath Manjhi was popularized as the “mountain man” after this incredible feat. After battling cancer at New Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Sciences, he died on August 18, 2007. On Saturday night, he was buried in the state.

Lessons to be learned from this legend

Nothing is too big : He didn’t panic by measuring the entire task simultaneously.

Patience is the greatest virtue : For 22 years, Dashrath Manjhi climbed the hill. His patience gives him the strength to endure extreme pain, frustrations, disappointments, and personal loss.

Dream the impossible : He envisioned a path through two treacherous and arrogant rocky hills. He did the right thing, planned, and accomplished his goal.

Stay positive : Positive thoughts and words can help you reach your goals.

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