Cristiano Ronaldo – Greatest Of All Time!

Cristiano Ronaldo

A worldwide sensation was born on 5 February 1985. His name is Cristiano Ronaldo, who is widely considered the best footballer in the world. Being the third child of a family, suffering from poverty was never a smooth journey for Cristiano. Playing football was always his only passion when he was a kid. Days passed when he used to stay hungry the whole night. He was a poor kid who has talent but not money. Some facts also state that his mother wanted to abort him due to their poverty but the history is overshadowed by his golden achievements.

The journey from an unwanted child of his family to one of the most famous and eminent personalities of the world is his greatest achievement so far. He started playing football when he was seven. He kept following his passion until he was a kid of 14 years old.  By that age, Ronaldo believed that he can now play professional matches. He then marked an end to his education and paid all his attention to football with his mother’s consent.

In 2003, at the age of 18, he made his first international debut for Portugal. Since then he is known as the most capped playerof Portugal and his country’stop goal scorer.Cristiano’s first international goal cannot be forgotten by the world, which happened in EURO 2004.He was granted full captaincy over his national team in 2008. He also brought home the first-ever victory of Portugal in an international tournament by winning EURO 2016. The number of victories of Portugal increased year after year under Ronaldo’s captaincy. They won UEFA National League in 2019 and Cristiano there received his first-ever Golden boot.  He is also known as the first footballer to earn $1 billion in their career.

He presents himself to be the perfect idol of many youths today. He trained himself in such a way that he is still unbeatable by most of the other players. Make yourself like him. He proves that your past does not decide your future and your money does not decide your attitude. Hats off to the most talented and humble player of all time. As he is the GOAT, greatest of all time.

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