Boy Rescued from Borewell in Tamil Nadu Village

Boy Rescued from Borewell in Tamil Nadu Village

At 10 a.m., a kid was trapped at a depth of 17 feet in a 400-foot borewell in Kuthalaperi hamlet near Sankarankoil. At 4 p.m., firefighters and rescue crews dug a parallel hole and pulled the boy from the borewell.

Despite the occasional drizzle, rescue activities were carried out. Harshan was conscious when he was taken out of the borewell, much to the relief of the rescue team and his parents, and he quickly recovered from his shock.

“He’s a regular guy. I believe the boy’s resilience was the key to his survival “M Karunankaran, the Tirunelveli collector in charge of the rescue efforts, said: The boy’s bruises were treated at a government hospital in Sankarankoil.

Ganesan, a temporary teacher at a government higher secondary school in Sankarankoil, allegedly drove Harshan to his Kuthalaperi farm, according to police. The child hopped off the motorcycle and sprinted to the property as soon as Ganesan came to a complete halt.

Attempt at Rescue

Farm staff and Ganesan tried to save him. They alerted fire and rescue officers after their attempts failed. A fire department crew arrived at the scene and began digging a parallel trench in which the youngster could be rescued.

“Initially, the youngster was caught at a depth of ten feet, but as he fell further, he became trapped. However, he never stopped reacting to us “remarked the cop His father sat near the pit, chatting to the youngster and assuring him that he didn’t have to be concerned.

The rescuers threw a rope into the pit in the hopes that the boy would grab it. Due to a loss of strength, the boy was unable to hold it. To prevent asphyxia, he was given water and oxygen was poured into the borewell with a cylinder. To keep an eye on the boy, a camera was installed in the pit.

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