Bomb blast takes away 5 lives after the Taliban’s victory rally

Taliban’s victory rally

Taliban’s victory rally – The first mass rally was held by the Taliban supporters and several senior figures on Sunday near Kabul. Unfortunately, their rally was interrupted by a bomb blast at a mosque in Kabul.

Five citizens were killed in this blast as per the information given by Qari Saeed Khost. Qari is the spokesman from the Taliban Interior Ministry.

A Kabul citizen named Mohammad Israil told that he heard a loud sound and all the people were running here and there.

Reports show that a roadside bomb was responsible for the explosion. Bilal Karimi added that three suspects are arrested and the investigation is still going on.

Although the rule of the Islamist Former rebels has not been recognized by the world powers, their grip on the country is becoming stronger since its control over seven weeks.

Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesperson told that a prayer ceremony would be held due to his mother’s recent death at the mosque. Although he didn’t even mention this on Sunday following the bomb blast which took many lives in that area.

It was seen that many civilians arrived at the Kabul emergency hospital with clothes sogged in blood. The Taliban fighters on the other hand threw their weapons and donated blood. A tweet by the hospital read that four patients were successfully treated there.

Quite a several Taliban soldiers donated blood, and the hospital said on Twitter that four patients were being treated.

The blast took place in the short time after the new Taliban government presented a rally from which they were removed in 2001 in an U.S-led operation that was launched just after the attacks of 9/11. The rally took place just outside the city and the later blast was heard across the whole centre of the capital. Also, the rally in Kohdaman township named the Pro-Taliban rally took place in the hilly outskirts of Kabul. It was attended by almost 1500 men and boys for Taliban’s victory rally .

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