Billie Eilish – the youngster who rocked the world!

Billie Eilish – the youngster who rocked the world!

Billie Eilish, born on 18th December 2001, is a California-bred singer and songwriter. She creates uncustomary songs which are generally genre-blurring outcast anthems that link the gap between exquisite quirky electronic and dark alternative pop. She inks down reflective lyrics that never flinches from the subject of mental health. In her breakthrough years of the late 2010s when she was yet a teenager, she devoted herself to the endearing audience. She released ‘When we all fall asleep, where do we go?’ in 2019, shortly after her spotlight tour which marked her debut album. It is 2021 now and she has returned with ‘Happier Than Ever’, a cogitative sophomore. 

She grew up in a household of musicians and actors. Besides, she along with her brother Finneas O’Connell was home-schooled. Billie Eilish made a quantum leap with her single “Ocean Eyes” which was produced as well as co-written by her, together with her brother Finneas and released by Interscope. ‘Ocean Eyes’ surpassed a total of fourteen million online streams and many artists procreated remixes.

In the year 2018 Billie Eilish in collaboration with Khalid presented the hit single ‘Lovely’, a title track for the 2nd season of 13 Reasons Why (a Netflix Original). The song charted globally. Meanwhile, in 2019, she dropped her reverberating single ‘Bad Guy’ that topped the Hot 100 chart. Also, Billie Eilish’s childhood idol, Justin Bieber treated ‘Bad Guy’ with a remix.

Eilish released a stand-alone single ‘Everything I Wanted’ in 2020 while she was on an international tour. It is a sweet tinged bitter song that is reflective of her journey to fame. This song made her the youngest artist ever to be nominated for four major categories in the Grammy.

Her single ‘Therefore I Am’ topped charts all around the globe. The track landed on her 2021 sophomore album ‘Happier Than Ever’.  The album, released on 30th July 2021, also features ‘Your Power’ which is an impeachment of exploitation camouflaged as an acoustic ballad.

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