Bhumika Arora

Bhumika Arora

Bhumika Arora is a fashion model in India. She was the cover model of February 2016 and was also selected as India’s next top model by Vogue India.

Bhumika has appeared in several editorials, like, British Vogue, Vogue India, Vogue Paris, Teen Vogue, Elle USA, Love Magazine, L’Officiel India, and Umno Magazine. She walked her first international runway which was the show in Paris for Dries Van Noten’s fall/winter 2014 and 2015 collection. But Arora tells us over an interview when she was only 27 years old that she wasn’t looked like the stuff of admiration back home. Her 5’11” height and tiny 22-inch waist caused her much humiliation and even got bullied at school in Karnal, Haryana. “People made fun of her body and looks because her kind of height is not very common.” Today, Arora is a dedicated international model, and one of the very few Indian models to make it big.

Education and Career

Bhumika Arora studied Bachelor of Business Administration from Chandigarh University. Bhumika made her international debut when she was 26 for Dries Van Noten in 2014. However, she got noticed for her 2015 Fall and Winter fashion season, walking a total of 25 shows for Fall/Winter in the year of 2015. In February 2014. In February 2015, Alexander Wang was the first person who allowed her to debut in the New York Fashion Week with his fall/winter show.


Internationally-known the famous fashion designer Manish Arora calls her the next big star from India. “She got already selected as one of the top 10 supermodels, and charging forward fearlessly to greater heights and towards her achievements,” says Manish, who has worked with her both in India and in foreign countries.  “She is determined, self-dependent, and enthusiastic to accept, learn and move ahead towards her goals.

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