Ben Silbermann – The Man Behind Pinterest

Ben Silbermann,

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an app that allows you to save and discover creative ideas for your projects or hobbies. Ideas are easy to find. A guided search can be used to locate what you’re looking for. The good stuff can be saved as a reference that you may want to refer back to in your work.

Pinterest is a picture-sharing app that allows users to discover ideas for various projects and hobbies. Pinterest is commonly known by the name “Board,” while saving an image or video is called “Pins.” You can share your pins easily with others via an Url link from within your board.

Pinterest has 85% female users out of 70 million users:

Ben Silbermann, as a boy, had a fascination with collecting dried insect stamps and pinning them onto cards. In one of his interviews, he said that he enjoyed collecting many different things. Pinterest was born out of Ben’s passion for collecting items.

Ben Silbermann wanted to make a product. He was a creative person who wanted to explore, so he moved to Silicon Valley. He initially started working for Google, but he did end up in a consulting role and didn’t enjoy it. He left Google again, but this time he had learned his lesson.

He pursued his dreams. He took the next step and joined forces with Paul Ciarra, his New York friend. They created an iPhone app called Thoth together. It was a mobile shopping app. They failed to make any sales, and the app crashed.

They began work on Pinterest in December 2009 and released a beta version. It was slow to get started in 2010. Ben Silbermann hand-wrote letters to the first 5,000 users and gave them his personal number. To gauge interest and get feedback, he met with some of them.

Ben Silbermann stated that the first 100-1000 users of your platform are extremely valuable, and it is their responsibility to treat them with respect.

Time magazine named Pinterest one of the top 50 websites in 2011 that year. It won the webby award in 2011 for best social media app. Pinterest now has more than 20 million users around the world. These three co-founders were the greatest innovators of our time. Forbes magazine ranked Ben Silbermann as the 12th richest American entrepreneur, under 40, in 2016.

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