Basudha Shrivastav: ExpressEarth Digital Services

Basudha Shrivastav

India has adequate sharp brains. Brains capable of helping the nation to develop into a developed nation. Basudha Shrivastav is one of such sharp minds who is the reason, many more girls are getting encouraged to be in business. Basudha hails from Bihar. For her higher studies, she moved to Delhi. After being graduated, she started her career in IT with Ericsson. She was a free soul and the city life had something different essence of its!

Basudha was tired of the same boring life, she was living. She wanted something different from her life. After working for a few years and having enough saved much for their new start-up, they started with their business venture related to travel. ‘They’, because she started the venture with her husband Himanshu Narula who happened to be her childhood schoolmate!

Both of them met at Ericsson and decided to start some venture related to travel because that’s what they enjoyed the most! The business partnership was consolidated through a nuptial relation. The couple formed ExpressEarth Digital Services Pvt Ltd in 2015. Their initial venue was at Gurgaon.

Their start-up was hugely benefitted by the Startup India programme. One more significant promoter of their business was the NASSCOM 10000 Startups. These platforms helped them increase the connectivity and contacts for their business. Basudha successfully implemented all the tactics to amplify their business.

Their growth has been exponential in these years. They have successfully registered their venture for a B2B and B2C structure. With this couple’s hard work, they have been able to expand their branches from Gurgaon to Ghaziabad. The company deals with 14 corporate clients and more than 10000 retail customers. About its achievements, featuring in the list of one of the most successful start-ups in the NASSCOM 10000 is one of it. It has also won the title of ‘Most Innovative Travel Management Company’.

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