Arpita Ganesh – Buttercups

Arpita Ganesh – Buttercups

Arpita Ganesh’s journey has been exciting. She studied hotel management and launched an online brand of underwear. Her entrepreneurial journey began in 2008 with Buttercups, an online luxury boutique. She launched India’s first bra sizes program in 2013, after many failed attempts. Buttercups were founded the next year. It has grown steadily through a centre for physical experience. Rajan Anandan, Anand Chandrasekharan and many other investors back Arpita Ganesh today.

Arpita Ganesh Dream :

When she created her first business plan, she was just 20 years old. It was to provide affordable sensitivity for Indian women, keeping in mind their individual anatomy. For several reasons, the idea never took off. Twelve years later, she was able to see the realization of her dream in Buttercups. Buttercups is a special type of intimate dress that celebrates a different number of women just as we are.

Arpita’s Creation- Buttercups:

Buttercups is a brand you may have heard of. Buttercups are India’s most popular underwear store. You can find it in both offline and online shops. Buttercups also sells select premium-curated underwear products. You can have tailor-made or customized underwear, and you can also discuss your specific needs. This gives you the opportunity to help women who live in the area where you live.

The Indian Bra Lady:

Arpita Ganesh’s proposal is based on faith and customer engagement. Buttercups has been tried by many women who want to see this change.

Internationally, she is known as the “Indian Bra Lady” and loves the brand. Her next big move was to open an app that helps women in India find the right size products. This app was created by fellow entrepreneurs who saw her passion and wanted to help.

Summing Up:

For modern women entrepreneurs, renting unassuming locations is no problem. They have a strong desire to make a difference, find new solutions, fight diseases, and change social norms, whether it’s in ecommerce, education or investment, fashion, tourism, marketing, sustainability or hiring. Create new, sustainable and efficient jobs. Each person is a hero in his own way.

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