Anupriya Madhumita Lakra

Anupriya Madhumita Lakra

Anupriya Madhumita Lakra. A 30-year-old tribal woman from Odisha’s Maoist-affected Emalangeni district is the state’s first indigenous commercial pilot. Anupriya Madhumita Lakra, the daughter of a Malkangiri police constable, was finally able to realise; a lifetime dream of becoming a pilot when she joined Indigo Airlines as a co-pilot three years ago, in 2019. Lakra’s father, Mariniyas Larka, a Malkangiri police constable, and mother; Jimaj Yashmin Lakra, claimed their daughter had made the entire state proud.

Her parents made significant financial sacrifices to allow her to pursue her education, frequently borrowing funds from family and friends. “Nothing is impossible if we have the confidence, mindset, and determination to achieve our goals,” they said of her achievement.

Anupriya’s Origins

Especially Odisha is the easternmost state in India. In Malkagiri, tribal communities account for 57.4% of the population. The state’s literacy rate is 73%, however, indigenous women’s literacy is only 41.20%. “It is a matter of pride for tribals that a local lady will now fly a plane; said tribal leader Odisha Adivasi Kalyan Mahasangha president Niranjan Bisi. Anupriya’s mother praises the Lord for her daughter’s achievement and does not regret their sacrifices.


Although Niranjan Bisi, a tribal leader and head of the Odisha Adivasi Kalyan Mahasangha; claimed Lakra, an Oraon tribeswoman, was not only the first tribal woman from Malkangiri but Odisha as well. “A local woman will now fly a plane in a place that has yet; to see a railway line,” Bisi remarked.

Moreover Anupriya was born and raised in Malkangiri, where she completed her matriculation at a missionary school; in the town and went on to a school in the neighbouring Koraput district for her upper secondary education. She was accepted into a government-run engineering college in Bhubaneswar in 2012; but after only a few months of classes, she realised that becoming a pilot was her true calling.

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